Step 1: Grid Type

In step one, change the radio button selector to ANSWER GRID option and hit the Select button.

Step 2: Answers

There is quite a bit going on here at a first glance, so we will break it down.

Put plainly, the two input boxes you can edit define the number of columns and the number of rows.

The two buttons you will most likely use the most are View With Changes and Save & Continue.

Notice that in the first example, there are 4 answers (columns) and 3 questions (rows). In the example below, there are 2 questions (columns), and 5 answers (rows). Selecting questions option as columns, will automatically switch the rows dropdown to answers and the other way around.


Once you are satisfied, use the Save & Continue button.

Step 3: Answer text and Questions

At this step, you are required to enter the Question header (overall question), question and answer text.

After filling in the required fields, use the Save & Continue button to move to step four. 

Step 4: Question Types

This step allows you to decide on the question type.

There are two possible question types for you to choose from: 

  • radio button, which allows only one answer
  • multi-check, which allows for multiple answers.

Remember you can use the View With Changes button to make sure the grid is looking as expected!

Step 5: Formatting

Last but not the least step of building a grid is grid formatting. 

The elements marked with the red E icons must be edited before you are able to move on. To edit the setting, simply click on either the red, or the blue, E icon. This will open the edit view of that question. 

Edit the question setting to match your needs. You can refresh your memory on question types and question settings in a different part of the knowledge base! 

After you edit the setting, the red E icon will turn blue.

Show Edit buttons

Toggling this button will either show or hide the E icons, allowing you to either see how the grid will look like once completed, or edit the question setting. 

Show copy buttons

Using the Show copy buttons will display the blue arrows next to the questions that have been set up, allowing you to copy the settings across rows and columns. Using the arrow will open a new pop-up window, in which you will be able to select the settings you want to copy to the question below or next it. 

Use the Copy Settings to confirm your choices. 

Show settings button

The Show settings button toggles the question requirements and scoring on and off.

Edit Overall Grid Format 

If the Show edit buttons option is active, you will be able to Edit Overall Grid Format as well.

For an example, you can edit the border size and colour the border. To see the change, simply use the Update button!

Keep in mind that the formatting done in this step will only render on the Review Page.

Once satisfied with all the settings, use the Save & Finish button to complete your grid!