The Company Overview widget displays percentage scores for different hierarchical levels, enabling the viewer to examine their individual results and those of their peers. 

Data Focus

In addition to the comprehensive company overview, this widget enables score comparisons for specific sections or questions, replacing the overall score. Access these specific settings through the "Data Focus" setting within the widget.

Widget set to show the section score of the section "Food & Drink Quality"

Data Focus (Comparison)

While focusing on a specific section or a question, the "Data Focus (Comparison)" setting allows you to compare data between two sections or questions. Additionally, both the default Data Focus and its Comparison version are dependent on the Date Ranges setting as well, allowing you to compare any sections or questions with another section, or question, for any of the date ranges available to you.

Drilling down through the widget will show you the focused data for the whole hierarchy as well.

Display Options

The "Display Options" settings allows you to include Averageable question types (Number, Currency, Measurement and Time Length).

Percentages option is the old method for Overall, Section and Question Scores. 

Average option is for Number, Currency, Measurement and Time Length and shows an average value for the data, i.e. what was the average amount of money shoppers spent to complete the shop?

Sums option is for Number, Currency, Measurement and Time Length and shows the sum of the data, i.e. what was the total amount of money shoppers spent to complete the shop?

Keep in mind that the Scored Number Questions are the only question type that will work for Percentage, Average, and Sums options.

Furthermore, Heat mapping is disabled for the Averageable question types.

The option for comparison data, in grouped bars, still works for these settings. However, since we cannot display unlike data types in the same graph, some options may not be available at the same time. This means you can't show, for instance, Overall Score AND Question Sum at the same time. The radio option will say which one to draw, and the other graph will have no data. You can do two different Question averages or two different Question sums, etc.

Hierarchy Type and Show Levels

Combining these two settings, you can show the data on the widget based either on the Company Hierarchy or the Geographical Hierarchy. Updating either of these two settings will also change the possible settings of the "Show Levels" options, ensuring that only the data you want, per hierarchy, is drawn on the widget.

Marking the "Show Entire Company average" checkbox will add a dashed line to the widget, showing the company average in all widget views.

Drilldown functionality

Once you have the widget set in the way you want, clicking on any of the bars (or dots if the "Graph Types" setting is set to Spider) will drilldown through the hierarchy to the "Evaluations" pop up window, showing you a list of evaluations for the location belonging to the hierarchy you drilled down through.

Using the left PC icon will open the evaluation in a new tab of your browser, while using the right PDF icon will create a PDF of that evaluation.

Other settings

Remember to check a different help article detailing most of other settings of this widget.