Note: this is a feature that must be enabled for your system before you will have this option. Please create a tracker notice if you need this feature and have never used it before. 

Once a shop has been completed, the Report Date can be changed to match the Shop Date by doing the following:

From the Clients Tab on the Main Admin Page select the existing Client.

Select Client & Form Settings.


Select the survey name from the Survey Settings column.

Under Advanced Survey Options enable Report Date Default.

Select Save Changes.

After the Report Date Default option has been enabled on a Survey, there will be a new option shown on the Review View of shops for that survey under the Shop Process Options heading.  The new option will be a checkbox that is checked by default and labeled "Overwrite the Report Date for this shop with the Shop Date."  By default now any reviewed shop on the survey will have its Report Date overwritten by the Shop Date when the shop is saved, although a reviewer will still be able to uncheck that box before saving if they do not want the Report Date overwritten.