A fact of life: clients are constantly making changes to their locations. With the location reorganization wizard, you can respond to those changes more quickly than ever by taking out the middle man (us) and making those changes yourself. you can also reassign company levels or location groups. Your clients can be kept accurately updated during the process, especially when the changes are complete. 

To get started, from the main Admin page select the client/survey you want to edit. Then go to Loc Admin and select Location Reorganization Wizard from the Import/Export dropdown and click go. Now you are ready to start using the Location Reorganization Wizard. 

Before you start selecting the locations that you want to change. You will be asked to create a rollback set. This is Step 1. A rollback set is a snapshot of how your locations are organized at this point in time. It allows you to return to the way that things were before you started using the wizard in case you encounter a problem. You need to make a choice, there is no default setting. After you make your choice, you are brought to Step 2: Select Locations. 

You are now on the select locations screen. You will choose how you're going to select locations to modify.  We will use a sample client in this article, but you can follows along with your own client with the specific details that you wish to update.  In our example, we are going to use levels, so click on that radio button. Select Division and click Go. 

Now click "Division: FF" and click Go. 

The available Locations for the Division that you selected now appear on the right-hand side. We're going to refine this list by deselecting some of the locations.
Select the location you want and click Update and then click Go. After you click Go, click "Location Selection Complete- Proceed to step 3>>"

Now you'll be choosing where these locations are going. Their destination is dependent where you are changing a Level or a Group.  In the right-hand column you will click either: 

- the top radio button to reassign the level (Region or District in our example)

- the bottom radio button to reassign the Group or ULGs (Unlimited Location Groups)

We are going to reassign the Level, so in our example we will select the top radio button and click on the dropdown menu to choose where these locations are moving to. Select where the location is moving to.

After you have chosen where your locations are moving to, you'll be asked 2 questions regarding the manager of the locations being reassigned. Then click the proceed to step 4 button. 

Now you are on the Review Selections page. Once you confirm that the changes are correct, you can click COMMIT CHANGES and Proceed to step 5 button>>. 

This page will show you a summary of what you have just changed. You can either make more changes or go back to the locations page.