The Location Reorganization Wizard allows you to quickly reassign locations to different levels or unlimited location groups.

To get to the Location Administration page, start at the main Admin Page.

In both cases, you will need to select a client, and then you can either head to the Clients tab and use the Add/Edit Locations link, or simply use the Quick Jump bar!

Select the "Location Reorganization Wizard" from the Import/Export dropdown and hit the GO button to open a new pop-up window that will lead you through the process.

Step One - Rollback

Before selecting locations that you want to change, you will be asked to create a 'Rollback set'. A 'Rollback set' is a snapshot of the way your locations are organized at this point in time, and it allows you to return to the way that things were before you started using the Wizard. 

If you need to undo the changes made, you will have about 24 hours to request a rollback by submitting a Support Tracker. Once that window has passed, the mistake cannot be undone through the rollback and the changes you made will be permanent (you can use the Wizard again to fix any mistakes). 

Step Two - Location selection

On this screen, you will choose which locations you want to reorganize. 

Select the Location Level to modify and hit the Go button.

You can only change one level or group at a time! If you have changes to make that involve both levels and groups, you must perform the entire process for each separate change.

Do not try to combine a level and a group in once change. The Wizard may not organize your locations correctly if you do!

The available locations for the Region level will appear on the right-hand side. In this example, we are going to refine the list by selecting some Regions. After the selection has been made, use the Go button again.

The selected locations from the Regions we selected in the previous step are now showing on the left-hand side. Use the Update button and then click the Location Selection Complete - Proceed to Step 3. If you would like to remove any of the selected locations from the selection, uncheck the box and use the Update button again.

Using the Remove all Locations button will bring you to the beginning of step two where you can start choosing locations again.

Step Three - Destination selection

In this step, you will be deciding where the selected locations are moving to. Their destination is dependent on are you changing a Level or a Group.

Use the top radio button to reassign the Level, and the bottom radio button to reassign the Group or ULG.

In this example, we are going to reassign the Level, so we will select the top button and click on the dropdown menu to choose where the selected location is moving to.

There is a required extra step when reassigning Levels, and your choice will most likely depend on the way your Client tracks their shop histories; by location or by location manager. 

If you select Attach existing shops to new manager, any shops that are not in the "locked" status will now be under the new location manager.

On the other hand, if you select the other option, this will Leave existing shops with original manager. This option s the Sassie default.

Using the question mark icon below the option two will open a new window with an explanation of the manager shop assignment.

Step Four - Selection review

Step four allows you to review the changes before committing them.

If you selected the second manager option in the previous step, to attach existing shops to new manager, there will be extra info displayed on this page. The summary will be e-mailed to your e-mail as well, and you are even able to include some extra comments, such as who authorized the change, why it happened and so on!

Step Five - Verification

The last page of the reorganization Wizard will display a summary of the changes made. You can either go back to step two and skip the rollback, Review the new Location structure (this will open the Location Administration page), or return to the main Admin Page.

You have about 24 hours after the changes have been committed to open a Support Tracker and request a rollback.