The Display section of the Survey settings enables you to configure specific Dragon and colour settings, as well as to define the behaviour of Alternate Question Sets, and set the Distribution Level for your shops.

Dragon View

Simply put, this setting enables or disabled Dragon Shop View.

Keep in mind that enabling the setting will override any existing Chameleon or Client Display Customizations.

Distribution Level

Each survey in Sassie has a Distribution level (also called Distribution status), which represents the status at which shops on the survey become available for reporting. If manager triggers are set up for the survey, they will be set when the shops are saved into that status from the Review view.

Most commonly, this status is set to Finalized, but you can customize this in the "Distribution Level" dropdown. 

Finalized and Client Finalized are both valid distribution statuses

In rare cases, other statuses may be appropriate, but please discuss your specific project needs with Support before choosing a status lower than Finalized.

Y/N color treshold

This setting enables you to conveniently colour code various percentages within the Survey Summary Report. 

In the example, the value for "No" is set to above 20%, and the value for "Yes" is set to above 70%. Notice how values that do not fall into the range are not coloured.

Form color

The Form color setting allows you to edit the colour of the headers on all views of the form.

For an example, updating the setting to Fuchsia, will colour the header of the survey in the Review view.

You can check the Instructions link for a list of HEX codes if you are not a fan of any colours from the dropdown!

Show additional location/manager information

Selecting one of the options in the dropdown adds a link to the form with information about location, levels and managers, depending on the selection.

The links get added between the Sticky notes (Location Info) and Shopper Info panels.

Primary Question Set

Primary question set dropdown allows you to select the label for the initial set of questions.

Keep in mind that editing this setting will only change the label, not the actual text of the questions!

Alternate Question Sets

To add and edit an Alternate Question Set, you must first set up a Global Question Set

Also keep in mind that you need at least two Global Question Set to be able to alternate between them!

In the previous example, English and Spanish are checked, so the two languages are displayed in the dropdown.

The Alternate Question Set has to be completed for the language to show up in the dropdown! You can reach the Alternate Question Text Admin interface easily by simply clicking the Add/Edit Alternate Questions link.

Require login to access Client View

Checking this setting will require all managers to log in to see the Client View of a shop.

Show scoring column on Client-side Form View