Our User Acceptance Testing (or UAT) servers are a way for you to test out all of our features without altering any of your live data.

To access UAT, go to your normal login page, but replace "www" with "uat" in the url of your browser. You will use the same username and password that you use on the live site.

Please note that while this LOOKS like our live server, it isn’t! Please do NOT do any real work here and make sure that when you are ready to do real work that you go to your standard login page.

Be aware that data on UAT is synced weekly from overnight production backup files, and can also be synced at any time during the week by LiveShopper staff. 

If you have test/demos set up on UAT that you do not want synced over, you can open a support tracker and ask for either or both of the following: 

  1. to be taken off the weekend sync for a designated period of time, and/or
  2. to have a note added to "not sync UAT on your system" until a specified day/time.