Frequently asked questions

Client size message when accessing locations
The following message can occur on clients with more than 500 locations: The current Client Size is too low for the number of locations. Please change t...
Tue, 12 Mar, 2024 at 7:06 AM
How can I open a .sass file?
Excel NOTE:  If there are UTF-8 (non-latin) characters, then Open Office should be used instead of Excel. Opening the file in this way is important whe...
Tue, 12 Mar, 2024 at 6:53 AM
How to test on UAT
Our User Acceptance Testing (or UAT) servers are a way for you to test out all of our features without altering any of your live data. To access UAT, go...
Tue, 12 Mar, 2024 at 5:57 AM
Why is my Shop View blank?
The most common reason is because the Chameleon Shop View has been enabled for the survey, but the layout has no widgets added to it.  Add widgets The...
Wed, 13 Mar, 2024 at 5:03 AM