Appeals - Question-Specific Change Request (premium)

Enabling Appeals 

To enable Appeals , you must first enable the module on the MSP level. To do this, create a support tracker. Once the module is enabled, Appeals must be turned on at the Client level. After that, it can be set up on any survey in that client.

To enable Appeals on a client/survey you must have the premium module permission enabled on your admin account. If you do not have this permission, ask your MSP representative or have your MSP representative create a support tracker to get this permission enabled for the appropriate MSP admin accounts.

For admin users with the premium module permission, you can enable Appeals for a client in the Client Settings.  Scroll to the end of the client settings page and click the Enabled checkbox next to "Question-Specific Change Request (premium):" and then save your changes.

If this option is not available to you, please verify you have the correct permissions and if you are still having issues please contact support via the support tracker to verify your MSP has the Appeals module enabled.

Please see the following video demo for steps on setting up Appeals for a specific survey. 

Video demo: