This page lists the form details and the specific settings for each question on the survey. It displays the following question information: Question ID (QID), Text, Format, Answer Requirement, Answer Scores, Sections, Hidden From, and Miscellaneous properties.

This page is a very good check of the form details and helps confirm setup as well as ease requesting changes to be made where necessary.

Form Details

At the very top of this page are the exact form settings for this survey. These can be turned on or off per survey:

  •  Whether or not N/A answers are omitted from scoring
  •  Whether or not conditionally unrequired answers are omitted from scoring
  •  Whether or not there is custom scoring for this survey
  •  Whether or not 0/0 scores are not shown for unscored questions
  •  Whether or not overall score and sectional scores are capped at 100% (bonus questions)

ID # 
This is a unique identifier/number for each question on the survey.

This is the actual text of each question on this survey.

This is the type of the question. All possible questions types are - Yes - No,  Yes - No - N/A, Radio, Checkbox, Multi-Checkbox, Pull Down Menu, Text, Narrative, Number, Scored Number, Currency, Measurement, Time Length, Time of Day, Date, Picture, Audio, Recorded Phone Call, Link, Remarks, Headers and Banners.

Answer Requirements
This indicates whether answers are always required, not required, or conditionally required.

Answers (scores)
This shows all the answers for each questions along with the scores for each answer in parentheses.

This shows the sections to which each question and its scores are attached and will thus make up that section's score.

Hidden From
This indicates if a question is invisible to shopper, client, both shopper and client.

This column indicates additional question attributes such as: Official Date, Official Time, Min:Sec, Hr:Min:Sec, AM/PM, 24 Hr.