The section on the top of the survey settings page allows you to edit the survey name, set the expenses and configure a few more options.

Survey ID

The ID of the survey you are working on. This is automatically generated by the system.

It is always a good idea to submit this information to the support team when opening a Support Tracker.

Survey Name

The name of the survey. 

Do not put the Client's name into this field, as it will always be displayed next to the survey name!

Keep in mind that if you change the survey name, you will need to re-upload the survey logo as well!

Business Classification

This standard set of categories and the shops assigned to them will automatically appear in the search filter (as long there are shops available within that business type).

Default Survey Shopper Contact Email

This field is designed to hold the e-mail address for the main scheduler for this client.

Shopper inquiries about manually scheduled shops for this survey submitted through the Contact Scheduler page will go to this person.

E-mail entered here will override the Client Shopper Contact.

Survey Activation Status

Use this drop down menu to designate this survey as:

  • Activated
  • Deactivated
  • System Admin only Visible, or
  • Client Masters of higher visible.

Remember, you can activate or deactivate a survey on the Client & Form Settings page.

What will shoppers be paid for this survey?  

Enter the default pay for shoppers for this particular survey. This is the default currency amount that the shopper will get paid for performing a shop for this client. When scheduling shops, this amount can be modified for specific shops based on individual reasons.

If not entered, client default shopper pay will be used.

What is the limit on expenses for this survey?

Enter the default limit shoppers are allowed to claim as expenses for this particular survey. When scheduling shops, this amount can be modified for specific shops based on individual reasons.

Allow form versioning (by date) for this survey?

This feature is used to allow questions on shops that have Due Date within a certain date range.

Hide Data Mining Filter on Reports for this survey

This setting requires Data mining to be enabled on the survey. To request this, simply open a Support Tracker!

Once checked, the setting allow for an additional filter in the controls that lets the user filter data by Overall Scoring, Shopper Demographics and Survey Questions.

Hide Shopper Demographics from Data Mining Filter on Reports for this survey

Removes shopper demographics, but still allows filtering by Overall Scoring and Survey Questions.

Enable Admin Review History on this survey

Review History tracks every change made by shoppers, editors and/or Auto Change.

Once this setting has been saved, Review History will be enabled moving forward (changes made before the setting is enabled are not tracked).

Only managers with special permissions are able to enable this setting. You can open a Support Tracker to request this permission to be added to your account, or for the functionality to be enabled on your system.

Enable Auto-Correct for Text and Narrative questions (Requires Admin Review History)  

Once this setting has been saved, Auto Change will be enabled for all jobs submitted into completed status moving forward.

Allow shopper to change start and due date for the shop

If this setting is enabled, you will be able to specify how many date changes you want to allow shoppers to do.

The feature requires the Shopper Change Date to be active on your system. You can request the activation through a Support Tracker.