To reach the Client Shop Log, a page that allows clients to access individual shops, you will also want to start on the main Admin page.

You are required to first select the client and the survey. Then, you can either head to the Clients tab and use the Logs button, or simply use the Quick Jump bar.

Using filters

Beside the Client-Survey selection, there are seven other filters you can use to get a list of shops.


If you know the date range you want to search the shops between, use the Dates filter. 


The three available options are Due Date, Report Date and Shop date. You can read a bit more about date types in a different help article.

Evaluation ID

The Evaluation ID is a randomly generated ID number created by the System. To search by the Evaluation ID number, enter the number in the ID # search field.

Show Wave

If the client is using waves, you will be able to use the dropdown menu to further filter the results based on different waves.


Select a level (district, region, area, etc.) to display shops only for that level.

You can easily check the ID, Name and State on the Location Administration page, and simply enter a location ID or name to view shops for only that location(s).

You can head to a different set of help articles to refresh your memory on levelsgroups, and waves.


To view only shops that have the overall score within a specific range, enter the range in the Score fields.

For example, to only view shops that scored lower than 40%, enter 0% to 40% in the score fields. Keep in mind that the first number entered should be the lower percentage and the second number is the higher number. If a higher number is entered in the first field and a lower number is entered in a second field, no results will be returned. Also, if one field is not completed, it will default to the lowest or highest number available (typically 0% or 100%).

You can refresh your knowledge on scoring in a different help article.


Filtering by status allows you to quickly display only the shops in a certain Job status. Leaving this field blank will list all shops regardless of status.

The options are:

  • Completed
    • The shopper has completed the shop, but the shop has not been reviewed.  You have access to see these records in the logs, but are not yet able to view the shop results.
  • Reviewed
    • The shop has been reviewed but not finalized.  You have access to see these records in the logs, but are not yet able to view the shop results.
  • Finalized
    • The has been finalized and released for you to view the results.
  • Client Finalized
    • Some companies have requested the option to perform an internal review prior to releasing the shop results to all managers. If you are using this feature, the log will display shops with status of Client Finalized for those that have had the internal review completed.
  •  Emailed
    • This status indicates that at some point after the shop has been finalized, a link was emailed to someone.

Sorting shops

After you have selected the options that work for you and clicked the GO button, the results will display in columns below the search criteria.

You can additionally re-sort the results by clicking any of the underlined column header names: Date - Shop ID, ID - Locations, Score, or Status. 

Viewing shops

Depending on the permissions of your account, there are three different View options:

  • Review will open the Review view of the shop. The Reviewer will be able to edit and modify the survey submissions, change the status of the survey, set a shopper rating and send emails to shoppers with questions or comments on the survey.
  • Screen will open the Client Shop View of the selected shop.
  • PDF will create a PDF version of the Client Shop View.