Sections are organizational units that group related questions together. They provide structure and clarity to different parts of your survey, allowing you to organize questions logically and easily compare scoring across different sections.

Get started at the main Admin Page.

Select a client, head to the Clients tab and use the Clients & Form Settings link in the Setup column, or simply use the Quick Jump bar!

Once you reach the Client Administration page, use the link to the Survey Administration in the survey section.

You will find the Section list on the bottom of the Survey Administration page.

When you first create a survey, there will be 10 major sections, and 20 minor sections.

Adding sections

To add extra sections, you can simply use the caret character (^) at the last section. The number of caret characters you use will determine how many new (minor) sections are added. There is currently no way to add extra major sections.

For an example, if you want to add 4 more sections, you would use ^^^^ (four) caret characters.

Once you do that, simply hit the Save Changes button to update the survey and add the sections.