Things to check if managers have not received expected triggers

1. When you finalize the shop, the Shop Update window will display any manager trigger recipients at the bottom, in red.

If you see the expected addresses here, then the issue is on the receiving end. Contact the client and have them ask their mail administrator to allow emails from these addresses.

2. If you do not see the expected addresses in red, then the problem is a setup problem. 

    Is the survey set up to send manager triggers to the right levels? See Manager triggers in Survey Settings

    Is the manager attached to this specific shop? Open the shop in review view. Look in the top left section to see the levels listed. If a manager is attached to the shop at a level, the manager's name will be shown.

this shop has a manager at the Location level. At Level 4, there is no manager attached to the shop. 

To add a manager at level 4, go to Adding a Manager to a Level Unit.

Once you have added the manager, see Updating Job managers.