This page affords a Scheduler a view of scheduled shops, and to perform shop assignments/re-assignments 

Use this page to view all shops you are responsible for scheduling, whether manually scheduled or through the autoscheduler. By using various filtering criteria, you are able to quickly see open shops per survey as well as new shops. You may use this page to monitor scheduled shops to see when due dates have passed. 

Make your selections and then click GO to display the list of all shops that match your specified criteria.

Select a Survey
The scheduler log displays all the shops for the survey selected. To view shops for a specific survey, select the survey name. Choosing a survey is the only requirement to view shops in the scheduler log. All the other choices listed below are optional. If no other options are selected all shops for that survey will be displayed.

ID #
The Shop ID is a randomly generated ID number created by the System. To search by the Shop ID number, enter the number in the ID # Search field.

Select the date range for the shops that you want to view. All shops whose Due date falls within this date range will be displayed.

Enter a location ID or name to view shops for only that location(s). You may also choose to display shops falling within one particular state, or location level. Checking the "Display City/Zip" check box will display the city and zip code information for the location of each shop.

To view shops that have been submitted by a particular shopper, enter the shopper's last name. You do not need to enter the entire name, and can instead use the first few letter of the last name.

To view only shops with a particular status, use this option. Leaving this field blank will list all shops regardless of status.

The default status options are: Open, New, Incomplete, Completed, Excluded, Hold A, Hold B, Reviewed, Finalized, Emailed, Client Finalized, Locked. (refer to the topic below for a more detailed explanation of each status.

After you have selected the options you prefer, click GO to search for shops that match the criteria you've entered. The results will display in columns below the search criteria.

The results can be sorted by any of the underlined titles. 

NOTE: An asterisk* after a shopper's name denotes that the shopper has been deactivated on the system.

To the right hand side of each shop listing are some links:

The Assign option opens a new window that allows you to process a single shop. You can use this to change the shopper, give the assigned shopper additional instructions, modify the shop due date, submit date or report date as well as shop fees.

Find Shoppers
The Find Shoppers option opens a new tab that allows you create a search using filters to find shoppers based on the criteria entered.

Create Route
The Route option opens a new tab that allows you to edit an existing route or create a new one.

The Review option opens the survey in a new window that allows a reviewer to edit and modify the survey submissions and change the status of the survey, set a shopper rating and send emails to shoppers with questions or comments on the survey. 

The Edit option opens the manual shop editor in a new window, allowing the scheduler to modify the assigned shopper, shop dates and or expense information for that shop.

The View option opens a client view of the survey in a new window. 


The Events option opens a table that shows all the events related to the shop such as assignment and shopper submission.

Shop Statuses

Created  - This is a shop that has been created using the Manual Scheduler but has not been assigned to a shopper yet. This status will not be displayed to clients in the Client Shop Logs.

Open  - This is a shop that has been created in the System using the Auto Scheduler but has not been assigned to a shopper yet. This status will not be displayed to clients in the Client Shop Logs.

New - A shop that has been created and assigned to a shopper but the shopper has not entered any data for the shop. This status will not be displayed to clients in the Client Shop Logs.

Incomplete  - The shopper has entered data into the shop but has not completed all required questions on the survey. This status will not be displayed to clients in the Client Shop Logs.

Completed - The shopper has completed the shop by answering all the required questions but the shop has not been reviewed.

Collaboration Shop - This status appears when a shop has been imported from the Secondary MSP in a collaboration project. 

Excluded - This status is designed to be used for shops that need to be excluded from the client reports but should not be deleted so that this way they can be kept for accounting purposes.

Hold A/Hold B - These are two 'holding bins' that may be used for various reasons. Please check with your manager/supervisor to learn if these hold options are at use within your company. The hold status will not display to clients in the Client Shop Logs.

Reviewed - The shop has been reviewed but not finalized. Clients do have access to see these records in the logs but are not yet able to view the shop results.

Finalized - The shop has been finalized and released for your clients to view the results.

Emailed - This status indicates that at some point after the shop has been finalized a link was emailed to someone using the Email Report in the top of the Client Shop View page or using the Report Distribution/Email Web Links page.

Client Finalized - Some companies have requested the option to perform an internal review prior to releasing the shop results to all managers. If you are using this feature, the log will display shops with status of Client Finalized for those that have had the internal review completed.

Locked - Scores may be changed after some surveys have been already submitted. If the survey and scoring is changed but the client does not wish that the existing reports change their scoring, the Locked status will prevent the scoring from being updated.