Admin Shop Log is one of the functionalities you can get to without selecting a client and the survey straight away, and it allows the administrators to search for a specific set of shops to edit, view, or review.

Start at the main Admin page, and either utilize the Quick Jump bar search, or simply use the Logs button at the top right of the main Admin page.

Client Selection

If you have selected the client and survey in the previous step, the Admin shop log will already be filtered to match the selected surveys.

On the other hand, if you want to see a list of shops belonging to the certain business type, you can simply use the filter below the Survey selection.

Using filters

There are six different filtering options you can use to quickly and efficiently get a list of shops.

ID #

The Shop ID is a randomly generated ID number created by the System. To search by the Shop ID number, enter the number in the ID # Search field.


If you know the date range you want to search the shops between, use the Dates filter.

While the Due date and Shop date will always be displayed in the results, the "Also Show" dropdown allows you display a date for the selected survey/s other than those two. 

Simply use the "Also Show" dropdown and choose one of the possible options:  Due, Report, Shop, Submit, Submit Due and Start - you can read up on each type in a different help article.


This part of the Admin shop log allows you to filter the shops by their location name or ID. 

You can easily check the ID, Name and State on the Location Administration page. Marking the Display City/Zip checkbox will add an extra line to the filtered shops, displaying that additional information for each location.

On the other hand, if you have a survey selected when using the Location filtering, you will get a few extra options: filtering by levels/groups and by waves.

You can head to a different set of help articles to refresh your memory on levels, groups, and waves.


If you are looking for shops completed or in progress by one of your shoppers, you can use this filter to search by their Last Name. You do not need to enter the entire name, and can instead use the first few letters of the last name.

If you click on the link, and have the right permissions, you will be able to check their Log and Profile as well.


Filtering by status allows you to quickly display only the shops in a certain Job status. Leaving this field blank will list all shops regardless of status.

The options are Created, New, Incomplete, Completed, Collaboration Shop, Excluded, Hold A, Hold B, Reviewed, Finalized, Emailed, Client Finalized and Locked. 

Remember to check out Micro-Reports as well!

Last Update

The last update filter ensures you can easily check when each shop has been updated last.


After using the GO button and filtering the shops, you will be able to do one of the four things, depending on your permissions.

The Review link will open the shop in the Review mode. The Reviewer will be able to edit and modify the survey submissions, change the status of the survey, set a shopper rating and send emails to shoppers with questions or comments on the survey.

The View link will open the shop in the Client Shop View mode. You can read up on some additional details by checking out the Chameleon Shop View and Dragon Shop View articles.

The Edit link will open the Shop Editor page in a new window, allowing a Reviewer or Scheduler to modify the assigned shopper, shop dates or expense information for that shop.

The Events link will open a pop-up, displaying all the events related to the shop, such as assignment and shopper submission.