The Manager Triggers section in Survey settings allows you to configure e-mail notifications for when a shop reaches a certain distribution status, and specify which types of managers will receive these notifications.


The list of levels displayed will depend on the Location levels you set up for the Client.

The checkboxes for Client Supervisor and "Company" will always be displayed. 

The "Company" e-mail address is the Main Contact Email you can edit in the Client settings.


The first column lists manager types that can receive manager triggers. 

The final row determines whether secondary and shadow managers of checked manager types will receive manager triggers.

Manager types with checkmarks in the Email Link column will receive an e-mail with a link to the Client Shop View of the shop. Email Link e-mails are sent immediately when a shop is saved in the selected distribution status.

Manager types with checkmarks in the PDF Attachment will receive an email with a PDF of the shop as an attachment. PDFs are sent once per day, early morning (about 5.30 AM) Eastern Time.

 Note that if you select both options for a level (for an example, Email Link AND PDF Attachment for the Area level), the manager at that level will get both e-mails!

If you are using PDF triggers, you can select to send a separate PDF per shop, or to combine multiple shops into one PDF when they are being sent to the same manager.

Distribution status

You can update the distribution status at which the e-mails will be sent in a different section of the Survey settings.

Head to the "Display" section, and select an option in the Distribution Level dropdown.

Valid options are Finalized, Emailed, Client Finalized and Locked.

To have the distribution status set to any other level, you will need to open a Support Tracker. Please keep in mind that we advise you keep the level at Finalized at least, as it ensures that your shops have the proper scoring.

Editing this option will affect the Distribution level of shops visible in the Dragon Dashboard as well!

You can edit the body of the trigger e-mails to match exactly what you need. Once you have read up on the options, simply open a Support Tracker and let us know the details!