The Score Triggers section in Survey settings allows you to set up e-mail notifications for when a shop reaches the Finalized status and its score falls above or below a specified range. You can also determine which types of managers will receive these notifications.


The Score Triggers section allows you to set the percentage of the threshold at which the e-mail will be sent to the selected managers.

There are two options:

  • low threshold is a threshold at or below which a low score trigger will be sent
  • high threshold is a threshold at or above which a high score trigger will be sent.

If you wish to send only high score triggers, leave the low score threshold as 0%. Likewise, if you set the high threshold to 101%, no high score triggers will be sent.

Manager Levels

The list of levels displayed will depend on the Location levels you set up for the Client.

The checkboxes for Client Supervisor and "Company" will always be displayed. 

The "Company" e-mail address is the Main Contact Email you can edit in the Client settings.

The final checkbox determines whether secondary and shadow managers of checked manager levels will receive the e-mails.

Lastly, you can enter up to five e-mail addresses in the Additional recipients fields. The e-mails entered do not have to belong to managers that are already in the system.

You can edit the body of the trigger e-mails to match exactly what you need. Once you have read up on the options, simply open a Support Tracker and let us know the details!